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About our Internship 

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Hollywood Casting and Film has developed an internship to help filmmakers develop their careers and improve their craft.  

Through a remote, national filmmaking program, you'll work closely with an accomplished mentor who will provide writer/director feedback, as well as answer in-depth, career oriented questions that will enable you to take your career to the next level.


In creating a nationwide internship for filmmakers, our mission is to give filmmakers all over the USA the ability to work closely with a successful Hollywood mentor who can provide sound feedback to you concerning your writing/directing/editing, and in addition, provide you to sensible, practical, and realistic advice about advancing your filmmaking career.   


Our current mentor is Leilani Downer.  Ms. Downer is a Hollywood veteran who has written/produced for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Growing Pains, and a Different World.  Ms. Downer is currently writing for Netflix.   All filmmakers who advance to our semifinal stage will be provided with the opportunity to work with Ms. Downer, one-on-one over a 4 month period.  For filmmakers looking to advance their careers, this will be a valuable opportunity to receive advice regarding your work, as well as advice pertaining to marketing, distribution, and career strategies.  


In addition to receiving mentorship from successful Hollywood artists, all interns will have the opportunity to have their work screened for a wide array of Hollywood executives and producers.  Additionally all filmmakers will receive feedback from their mentor, AND from the development executives screening your work.   

Interested in our Program?  Please enter your email below, and we will contact you. 


Some Behind-the Scenes Pictures from our program.