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Hollywood Casting and Film- Actor Program

If you're an actor that's looking to get plugged into a local film scene, while receiving quality feedback from industry professionals located in Hollywood, CA, then the HCandF Actor's Program has been tailor-made for you.  Here's how it works:  


Hollywood Casting and Film is a casting and production studio located in the heart of Hollywood.  After providing casting and production service for local Hollywood actors and filmmakers, we are please to announce our expansion into the greater Chicago area.  For more on HCandF, check out the following write up about our expansion in Variety Magazine:   


Over the course of a 4 month period, we'll introduce to local filmmakers who are currently in the process of shooting short films for you internship program.  During this period, you'll be asked to audition for a variety of films.  You'll also have the opportunity to network with local filmmakers as well.  

During the auditioning process, actors will have the ability to either audition face-to-face with filmmakers, or send in video auditions.  In addition, the actors/filmmakers who deliver the best will be invited to our annual Hollywood Film Festival at the end of the year.  

For actors cast in short films during your internship term, you'll also have the benefit of receiving feedback from successful industry executives, who have volunteered their time to give back to the film community, and to foster rising talent.  To view a full list of "film ambassadors" who will be provided feedback during our internship, click the button below:  


For filmmakers who are also interested in the craft of screenwriting/filmmaking, actors will be have the ability to audit a filmmaking class during your internship period, taught by Hollywood Veteran screenwriter and producer Leilani Downer (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Netflix).  


Before applying for this internship, please review the following requirements:  

*Must be a Chicago resident, or live within reasonable driving distance.  

*Must have some prior acting experience- this can include local opportunities such as high-school/college.community theater, etc.  

*Must have the ability to dedicate app. 5 Hrs. per week to participate in networking, auditioning and shooting activities.  


If you are interested in applying for this internship, please email: vinay@hcandf.com.