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Filmmaker Agreement


Hello filmmakers- when we first invite talented filmmakers and actors into our program, we receive a number of FAQs such as: 

 a)What does the program entail? 

b) Is this a class? 

c) Is this a paid program?  or

d) Will you require me to pay/buy anything during the course of the program? 



In launching our national filmmaking program, our goals are twofold:  

1.  As a benefit to you, our objective is to create a program where you will receive detailed, one-on feedback from an industry mentor that can provide you with critical advice in order to help you hone your screenwriting, directing and editing skills.  Additionally, the program is designed to enable you to network with potential employers, filmmakers, and actors.  During the four month program, Hollywood Casting and Film will expend great effort and expense to ensure that your experience in the program is fulfilling and useful.  

At no time during the course of the program will you be asked to purchase anything, or pay a fee to participate.  

2.  Hollywood Casting and Film aims to benefit from this program as filmmakers and actors increasingly use our website for casting purposes.  Consequently, throughout the program, the primary requirement that we will ask of you will be to post your breakdown/scripts to our website, and use our free online casting platform.  You will not be required to cast any actors from our website, but we will require that the roles for your films are posted online.  


Essentially, we perceive this program as a win-win arrangement- on our end, we'll work around the clock to a) review your films, b) provide you with access to highly successful mentors for artistic feedback, c) increase visibility for your work among industry insiders, and invite you to networking events.  In exchange, we anticipate that your participation in this program will help our company develop a solid actor/filmmaker community in your neck of the woods, that regularly uses the Hollywood Casting and Film casting platform.  

Throughout the program, HCandF will not require any payment whatsoever for you to participate in this program. You will however, be responsible for the production of your short film.  During the production process, we encourage filmmakers to gravitate towards, simple, character-driven stories to alleviate unnecessary production expenses.  ​

Actor Agreement

If you are an actor that has recently been invited to the Hollywood Casting and Film Acting Internship, here is an overview of how our program works:  

a)  Upon entering the program, we will introduce you to up and coming filmmakers in your home town.  You'll be invited to casting calls with these filmmakers, and you'll be invited to networking events with local artists as well.  

b)  During the 4-month internship period, you'll be provided with free access on our website.  Throughout the program, you will not be asked to pay any fees to participate in our program.  

c) At the conclusion of our four month program, you will receive an invitation to "become a subscriber to our website, (subscription fees $12.95 m).  It is entirely optional whether you to decide to continue auditioning on our platform after the four month period has expired.