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Writing, Directing, and Editing Resources

This is a page that's dedicated to providing you with an array of resources during every process of filmmaking.  We encourage you to take a look at this list before writing your first screenplay:  

Screenwriting Q&A

What should I write about? 

Write what you know - Too many novice writers try to handicap the market or develop ideas they think are part of new trends, or what a certain company is looking for.  Studies show that the most successful first-time writers have generated interest and created their best work when they write what they know, a subject close to them or that they really understand...people/characters they understand.


Dialogue is challenging - New writers tend to write complete sentences and think too much about Grammar.  They need to write "how people talk" and be sure all characters don't sound the same.

Is there a dialogue style we should lean towards?

What about tone and style? 

Think about tone and style  - As you think visually about the story, consider tone and style.  You want to capture viewers’ attention, and also be thinking about this short as a first step a feature or series.  What type of stories/genres resonate with you.  For example, if you gravitate towards comedy, and have ideas for a feature or future series in this genre, it will help you advance your career to so a comedy short, and not a thriller.  

Are there guidelines I should follow in writing scripts for this internship?  

Yes, please review the following guidelines before starting your first script.  

*All content must be scripted (no silent films). 


*Characters in your films should have a reasonable amount of diversity.  Remember, your scripts should appeal to a wide variety of ages and ethnicities to allow for many types of actors to audition for each of your roles.  We do require that you do not create hard-to-cast characters. 

*When writing your short script, please keep in mind that we recommend 5-10 pages.  You are able to shoot something longer, but please keep in mind that your final cut will be due at the end of June. 

Message Boards and References

Listed below are books and resources that you may find helpful when preparing to write your script.  Click on the buttons below to access these books/resources:

Looking to collaborate? Click into this message board, and drop a message to other

filmmakers looking to collaborate in your

home town.  

Marketing and Distribution

Once you've completed your film, here are some distribution resources to consider to attain more visibility: 

World’s largest catalogue of high quality short movies available on TV, online and in theaters, and also produce original short film content for broadcasters and brands.

The first marketplace for all filmmakers and streaming services worldwide, great for shorts.

When you distribute on Seed&Spark, you're connecting to an audience that not only wants to watch great films now, but also takes pride in funding what they'll watch next.

The Web's Best Instructional Resources for Filmmaking

A blog where famed screenwriter John August critiques and comments on the latest screenplays.

The Director's Guild of America offers an incredible number of links and resources.