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Screenwriting Checklist


After writing your script, please make sure all of the info will be provided.  

Create a cover page on your script with a) your name, b) your email, c) the title of your script, and the city/state where you'll be shooting your film.  

One a separate document, please include:  a) A Synopsis of your script (one paragraph), b) character breakdowns for each character, which typically includes age, ethnicity, and personality traits.  

Please email your scripts to:  vinay@hcandf.com, and leilani@hcandf.com.  Posting your breakdown on HCandF.com and going through the casting process is a requirement for the program. 

What to Expect After Submitting Your Script

Once you've submitting your script, you'll receive detailed feedback, and then shortly thereafter, we'll schedule a script workshop with your head mentor, Leilani Downer.  Additionally, our casting associate, Nayely Lopez, will will contacting you about casting options in your home town.