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Screenwriting Guidelines

Hello filmmakers, please follow the guideline below when creating short films during your internship.  

1.  When writing your short film, please make every attempt to create characters that can appeal to a wide variety of actors.  Remember- a critical part of casting your film is finding qualified actors who can convincingly depict your characters onscreen.  During this process, casting characters that are "open ethnicity" always helps.  We realize you will need to occasionally write in specific characters, with specific characteristics to further your story, but try to be as inclusive as possible regarding age and ethnicity when creating your breakdowns.  

2.  Before turning in your film, please turn in a) Your complete script, b) character breakdowns (a brief description of each character (age, ethnicity, personality characteristics) and c) character sides (lines character reads during their audition, typically sides feature a one-on-one conversation that's 1/2 to 1 page long.  BEFORE SENDING YOUR SCRIPT OVER, PLEASE VIEW THE SCRIPT CHECKLIST BELOW: 

3.  When you're ready to email your script, please email a) vinay@hcandf.com, and b) leilani@hcandf.com.  Please be sure to give your script a real title (and not "Screenplay 1") and write your name, the name of the state/city you'll be shooting your film in, and indicate whether you'll be casting through live session or remote video.    

4.  Once received,  you'll receive feedback for your script in a timely manner.