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Now that I'm an independent filmmaker with some experience under my belt- what next? 


That is essentially the question that Hollywood Casting and Film's national filmmaker internship is designed to answer.  Since expanding our reach from our home base of Hollywood, CA to the rest of the USA, we've been inspired by all of the filmmaking and acting talent throughout the country.  Now we've put together a program designed to a) provide you with a seasoned mentor who can answer career-oriented questions regarding your career as well as b) enable you to receive valuable feedback concerning your work.  

Program Format

Our internship lasts 4 months, and during this 4 month period, you'll be asked to write, shoot, and edit 2 short films (5-10 min. in length), Throughout pre-production, production, and post-production, you'll be provided with feedback to help you hone your skills as a filmmaker.  Since all interns will be responsible for all aspects of production, we encourage everyone in the program to write and shoot simple, character-driven stories.  Our emphasis during this program will lean more towards honing your skills in the areas of screenwriting, shot selection, and specific choices made during post production.  

Who Can Apply for this Internship?

​This internship is specifically designed for film students/grads or freelance filmmakers with considerable experience with all aspects of filmmaking.  Before inquiring or applying to this internship, please make sure that you have at least one year of solid-filmmaking experience, have access to filmmaking and editing equipment, and feel comfortable with screenwriting, directing, and editing.  

Program Benefits

​The internship lasts 4 months, and during this 4 month period, we'll provide regular feedback for your work as it relates to a) writing, b) directing, and c) editing.   Through the program, you'll also connect with your mentor (a seasoned Hollywood veteran) to discuss upcoming assignments, as well as participate in Q&As about the craft of filmmaking, and topics involving career development.  All interns will have the opportunity to participate in a phone meeting every two weeks with their mentor.  Moreover, since this is a remote internship, you will not be required to travel to participate in this program.  All filmmakers will have the ability to participate from their home towns.  

Key benefits to this filmmaking internship include:  

​*Invaluable mentorship with a seasoned and successful Hollywood mentor

*Feedback provided to interns regularly to hone writing, directing, and editing skills

*Participation in detailed discussions concerning the marketing and distribution of your films

*The ability to meet and network with other filmmakers- especially those in or near your home town. 

*Letters of recommendation provided from HCandF to interns that complete the program and turn in good work

*Addition to an online industry directory of up and coming filmmakers, sent to Hollywood Industry executives interested in hiring filmmaking talent.  


All filmmakers should have: 

​*Substantial filmmaking experience 

*At least 10 hrs per week to dedicate to the internship

*Access to camera/editing equipment

*A comfort level working with actors

*An ability to recruit volunteers as crew to assist you in your productions

*A willingness to post your projects breakdowns/roles on HollywoodCastingandFilm.com

Casting Details

All interns will be asked to post their project/character breakdowns on our website and consider auditioning actors in your local area.  There is of course no cost in executing this task, and you will not be required to cast anyone from our website.   During the casting process, filmmakers that do not have access to an audition facility will have the ability to audition actors by requesting remote audition videos from actors.  

Next Steps

If you are interested in applying for the internship, please contact us at info@hcandf.com.